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Along with our daily tasks we enjoy an occasional project, some have to do with what we are learning, and others are just FUN! Here are some of the projects we’re working on...

Yes we decorate the house and yard for the holidays,  We have created a computer driven light display, using the parallel printer port of a dated laptop.  We had to build a relay board to switch on and off 8 strands of lights.  We also have many blowup displays that we have on a timer.  This tear we hope to add X-10 control. 

We are working on a continuously evolving tree fort in VA.  The base is 8ft by 10ft square which means we have a usable area 80^2 feet.


Last Summer we planted Tomatoes, squash, and a cucumber plant in Debra’s flower garden in front of the house, because it gets sun all day!  We watched bees pollinate the small flowers on the Tomato plants. It was awesome! This year we are planning a bit bigger, and are going to use a section of Paw Paws garden.

Digital Seismograph, using Piezo discs as the seismometers.  To record any movement of the earth or our little corner of it.

As for the holiday season, we also take pride in our spooky Halloween yard.

Holiday Yard Display

EE Week Project


Tree Fort

Halloween Spooky yard

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Apanteles congregates, on a Tomato HornWorm.


Grosse right?  But really cool.

Read more about our friend the Braconid Wasp by clicking the “More Details” link bellow.

Look What we found in our Garden