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Students and Teachers

'Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so.' Douglas Adams, Author 'Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy'

As we know, each of us are both student and teacher to one another.  We all more to learn and we all have something to teach.  So here we are...

David (Dad)

Software Engineer, novice philosopher, photographer, reader. 

E-mail: david(at)hahns.org

Debra (Mom)

Psychology student, fitness buff, peer networking Guru, likes to sing. 


Likes small dogs, Senior at Caldwell Community College, does not have lofty goals, likes boys, and crazy music.


Star Soccer Player!, Junior at West Caldwell High School,  likes boys, and her car a Honda CRV. 


Loves the Marching band! She’s a Freshman at West Caldwell High School. Plays for the JV soccer Team. 

E-mail: Hahn_debra(at)yahoo.com

E-mail: pagie3030(at)yahoo.com

E-mail: Doesn’t use email much

E-mail: amber(at)Hahns.org

Lil David

Loves to build!  Home Schooled, 7th Grade. Likes GMod, Hanging out with Dad, airsoft, paint ball, or just about anything.

E-mail: lildave(at)Hahns.org


Like to roll in smelly stuff, Loves Paw Paw’s house and the land in VA.  Has a bad hip, and is getting some gray hairs.  Tolerates dad’s homemade dog food.


Most affectionate Dog in the world (and the cutest).  Loves Dad’s homemade dog food! Loves running with his friends and visiting Paw Paw’s.


Loves Ashley Paige, and Mom the most.  Eats like a horse and looks like a melon with ears right now! (she is going to have puppies soon)