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Digital Seismograph

To connect our sensor to our Computer for recoding the spikes (or movement) we need an ADC (Analog to Digital Converter).  It does exactly that, it converts an analog signal; in our case a voltage (anywhere from 0 to  several volts.) to a value from 0 to 255 (8bit). 

At first we were going to use a new Parallax Stamp we had purchased for a sign controller we are planning for our Holiday Display.  But then I remembered a Joystick controller from an old joystick, I had in my drawer.  Sweet!  It is even USB so we should get much better response time than using a serial port.




Parallax Basic Stamp.  Good for what ails ya!


Date: 04/11/2009

This is probably what we would have used.  Very clean design, and minimal parts and time to build.  Check it out…
TM Test Ideas

Ok so some very minor modifications and we have a hardware solution.  Now for the software, will we find a driver for the joystick controller?  Stay tuned to see...