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Garden 2009

We had a heck of a lot of rain the last week of April and the first few days of May, but most of our plants survived. 

At one time we had a river of run off right in the middle of our garden.  Danger Dave had to dig a canal to redirect the rain water to the creek. 

We replanted a few tomato plants and now it seems like it might be ok.

Here is a layout of our garden so far…


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Date: 5/12/2009

So we are just over half way through with planting.  We are thinking about some bell peppers and okra.  Maybe some more corn also.  We will update the layout as we add to it.   We measured the area and determined we have space for 20 rows.  As a side project we are working on a webcam to monitor the garden.  Thus far we have the camera working and protected from the rain, but the Cantenna is having some issues with the aprox. 300 yards back to the house for wifi connectivity.